Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 37 – Tsuro to Victory

Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 37 – Tsuro to Victory

Another really old episode. I can’t even remember when this was recorded. We talk about a lot of stuff from Nintendo to Cartoons to Doctor Who and other randomness. We geek about a bunch of TV and movies before going into our main topic, which is talking about the board game Tsuro.

Time Stamps:
[0h00m00s – 0h31m50s] Intro and News
[0h32m02s – 1h24m23s] Geeking Around
[1h24m028s – 1h40m56s] Main Topic: Tsuro
[1h41m09s] Outro and Info

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Dania: @daniabania

Tags: Nickelodeon Movie, Mario Maker, Barbie, Nintendo, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Justice League Action, Hannah Barbera Redesigns, The Dark Tower, Doctor Who, David Tennant, Trolls, 9 Lives, Boyka, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, IP Man 3, 50 Shades of Black, x-files, React, How to Get Away With Murder, The 100, Tales of Symphonia, Brooklyn 99, The Grinder, Hot Fuzz, Lupin the 3rd(2015), Face Off, Moolah Beach, Endurance, Total Drama Island, 16, Tsuro


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