Geeking Out At The Tower is a sorta weekly podcast about anything and everything geeky/nerdy that we happen to be following, reading, watching and we discuss these things when we meet up. Comprised of several friends, our goal is to bring to you any news or things that we enjoy during the week.

The weekly-ish show is hosted by Andrew while his friends Kevin, Wendel, Xavier, Ali, Sabrina and Dania pop in and out to talk about the topics of the week. We also have a gaggle of guest hosts that come in and out to talk about various fun and geeky topics.

We are now iTunes certified, just type Geeking Out At The Tower Podcast in the search bar.

We also post up our episodes on the Comic Book Nerds Are Hot Website at

You can also follow or write to us on several social media outlets.
Twitter: @GOATTcast
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/goattcast
E-mail: goattcast@gmail.com
Instagram: goattpodcast


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