Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 12 – Winter Anime at House on the Hill

Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 12 – Winter Anime at House on the Hill

Episode 12 Image

In this episode we do a review of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Impressions on the Winter 2015 Anime. Before that we discuss some sequel news, a potential legend of a netflix show, and a trailer of Daredevil proportions. We also geek about zombies, RPGs, a space of a board game, cars and a Retro Expo. Spoilers abound. ENJOY!


Time Stamps:
[0h01m17s – 0h12m53s] Intro and News Segment
[0h14m19s – 0h48m39s] Geeking Around
[0h50m05s – 1h09m50s] Board Game Review: Betrayal at House on the Hill
[1h11m17s – 2h22m32s] Main Topic: Winter 2015 Anime Roundup
[2h23m58s – 2h27m06s] Outro and Info

Music Used :
[0h00m00s] Flyers by BRADIO (Death Parade Opening Theme)
[0h12m53s] Exist by Angela (Fafner: EXODUS Opening Theme)
[0h48m39s] Seishun Satsubatsuron by 3-nen E-Gumi Utatan (Assassination Classroom Opening Theme)
[1h09m50s] Zettai Muteki Fallin’ LOVE by Chikyuu Boueibu
[2h22m32s] Punky Funky Love by GRANRODEO
[2h27m06s] Hikaru Nara by Goose House

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Tags: Anime, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Spaceballs, Legend of Zelda, Daredevil, Netflix, Power Rangers, Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Luminous Arc, The Grammy’s, Highlander, Zathura, Iron Man, Top Gear, Batman Year One, Retro Expo Montreal, Serial Experiments LAIN, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Parade, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Binan Koukou, Your Lie in April, Aldnoah Zero, Durarara, Yatterman Night, Gankutsuou, Kuroko no Basuke, Fafner: Exodus, Majestic Princes, Maria the Virgin Witch, Assassination Classroom, Gundam G Reco, Gundam Build Fighters Try, Log Horizon, Parasyte, Cross Ange, Shirobako, Spiderman


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