Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 4 – Quit Playing Board Games With My Heart

Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast: Episode 4 – Quit Playing Board Games With My Heart

Jumanji of New York

In this week’s episode the group talks board games and a movie centered around a crazy board game. In the news segment we discuss two trailers of Jurassic and Galactic proportions. We geek about turtles on a farm, a few video games in a fantastic setting, a few Nintendo characters who battle it out. There’s also discussion of why there aren’t too many adapters, a tropical television show to watch while playing Pokemon, animated black people and the fakest reality TV show.


Time Stamps:
[0h00m10s – 0h13m12s] Intro and News Segment
[0h13m36s – 0h41m59s] Geeking Around
[0h43m15s – 0h54m31s] Board Game Review: King of New York
[0h55m11s – 1h12m29s] Board Game Suggestions
[1h15m04s – 1h33m52s] Retro Movie Review: Jumanji
[1h34m13s – 1h35m03s] Outro

Music Used :
[0h00m00s] Daybreak by Michael Haggins
[0h13m12s] Star Wars Main Theme by John Williams
[0h41m58s] Super Smash Bros WiiU Main Theme
[0h54m31s] Bacon Pancakes/New York Mashup
[1h12m29s] Jumanji Trailer
[1h33m52s] Still Alive (Radio Version) by Johnathan Coulton
[1h35m03s] Daybreak by Michael Haggins

List of Board Games Discussed:
Shadow Hunters, Reverse Charades, Race for the Galaxy, Wits and Wagers, Tsuro, Smash Up, Cards Against Humanity, Resistance/Avalon, Werewolf, Race for the Galaxy, Deck of Cards

Here are links to more of Wendel’s stuff on the internet:
Canadian Slag:
Gaming Well Wasted:

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Tags: Board Games, Jurassic World, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, TMNT, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Diablo 3, Super Smash Bros WiiU, Amiibo, Pokemon ORAS, Hawaii Five-0 S1, Black Dynamite S2, Real Husbands of Hollywood S3, King of New York, Jumanji


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