Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 29 – The Martian and Wanted

Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 29 – The Martian and Wanted

In this episode we discuss the movies The Martian and Wanted. One’s great and one’s not. To find out which one and the crazy discussions that followed. Before that we discuss some Marvel Phase 3, the bankruptcy of Manglobe, Some random trailers and a bunch of TV and anime.

Time Stamps:
[0h00m00s – 0h21m20s] Intro and News
[0h21m55s – 0h38m10s] Geeking Around
[0h38m59s – 1h08m11s] Main Topic Part 1: The Martian
[1h08m40s – 1h47m24s] Main Topic Part 2: Wanted
[1h47m28s – 1h50m16s] Outro and Info

Music Used:
[0h21m20s] Orion no Nazoru by Unison Square Garden (Tiger and Bunny Opening 1)
[0h38m10s] Hot Stuff by Donna Summer
[1h08m11s] The Little Things by Danny Elfman
[1h47m24s] Bumpers
[1h50m16s] Community Theme Song

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