Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 27 – The One Andrew Forgot To Prepare For

Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 27 – The One Andrew Forgot To Prepare For

Slowly but surely catching up on all the behind episodes! Andrew forgot to prepare a subject for that week’s discussion so he made one up last minute-ish. Essentially its a random episode with plenty of subjects, side-tangents, funny stories from our lives, Andrew tries to find media that he hates and much more. Craziness and fun abound! Have Fun!!!

Time Stamps:
[0h00m00s – 0h44m30s] Intro and News
[0h45m25s – 1h22m12s] Geeking Around
[1h22m16s – 2h39m34s] Main Topic: The Summer Catch Up
[2h40m10s – 2h41m27s] Outro and Info

Music Used:
[0h44m30s] Macaroni Tout Garni Theme
[1h22m12s] Bumper
[2h39m34s] Stand Out by Tevin Campbell
[2h41m27s] Tank! by The Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop Opening Theme)
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Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 5 – All Aboard The 90’s Nostalgia Train Part 1

Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast: Episode 5 – All Aboard The 90’s Nostalgia Train Part 1

In this week’s episode, the group discuss their childhood of the 90s Movies and TV in all its crazy. Before that we discuss a ton of news about casting, a genisys of a trailer, a new James Bond name and a remaster of tentacle proportions. We also discuss a not so amusing game awards, movies worthy of only a matinee, some anime and a show about horrible afflictions.

Time Stamps:
[0h00m43s – 0h27m59s] Intro and News Segment
[0h28m56s – 0h53m32s] Geeking Around
[0h54m30s – 1h18m16s] 90’s Movie Nostalgia
[1h19m20s – 2h00m33s] 90’s TV Nostalgia
[2h01m29s – 2h02m29s] Outro

Music Used :
[0h00m00s] Doug Opening Theme by Fred Newman
[0h27m59s] King Arhtur and the Knights of Justice Opening Theme
[0h53m32s] Reboot Opening Theme
[1h18m16s] Arthur Opening Theme bu Ziggy Marley
[2h00m33s] Rock The Dragon by Shuki Levy
[2h02m29s] I 2 I by Tevin Campbell

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